Friday, August 06, 2010

Happy Birthday H!!

Dear Hazel,

Today you are one. How did that happen? You are still so little it's hard to believe you are no longer an "infant." It seems like just last week we were eagerly anticipating your arrival and now you are a whole year old! You have been such a blessing in the lives of me, your father, and your sister. You have brought us many laughs and many smiles. You Are such a wonderful gift.

You have done all the "normal" baby things, grown from someone who was totally dependent on me, to someone who knows what she wants. You are so close to walking right now. Today we caught you standing up on your own in the middle of the room, you have been cruising along furniture for a while now.

Something that is unique to you and not your sister is your size. You both are so thin and beautiful, but your little body is longer and skinnier than your sister at the same age. It's almost comical how you are now 12 months old and wearing 6 month clothes...and the pants are falling off. It's not for lack of eating, oh boy do you have a good appetite. You are eating us out of house and home. When you went to daycare for the first time yesterday the lady was shocked you ate all your peas, your raviolis, chicken sticks, and STILL tried to steal your sisters lunch too. You must just burn everything off trying to keep up with your sister.

You love to be silly. You giggle as much as you can. If you hear music, you have to stop whatever you are doing and dance. You love to arch your back when I am holding you and say "weeee!" You love to play in the water, no matter how cold it is, if your sister is having fun in it. You want to do whatever Regi's doing and sometimes are accused of "bugging" her.

Your temperament is mild, almost passive. Without Regina being your bigger sister I think you might be walked over when you get older. You are learning how to fight for what you want. It will serve you well in your life. Without her before you, you might not be the person you are becoming. Remember this when you are frustrated with her. Your love for her shines on your face, and vice versa.

You are a snuggler, like me. You fight sleep. I think it's because you don't want to miss out, but you need your sleep. Without enough you are crab cakes, babe! You wake up smiling, singing to yourself, talking to any stuffed animal near by. You play peek-a-boo and patty cake until someone comes and gets you our of your crib, where you leap into our arms, or at least spring up as we lift you out.

We love you so much and are glad you are here, dear, sweet girl!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

the ant

Regina just took an ant off the couch and said "You can't be on the couch" walked it to the door opened the door and said "You have to go to your home, this is OUR home. We are not ants."

p.s. not to make you all ill, but 1) R knows what she wants to be for Halloween, and wants H to be one too, AND 2) I know what I'm giving at least four people for Christmas!!

on the other hand I went to sew two days ago and it's too hot to turn the iron on...AUGH I need to buy some fans!